The Archway Hacker House is hosting a coding experience with in-person guidance and mentorship from core contributors to the Archway protocol.

​During the event you can expect:

​- Educational programming on how to get started on Archway.

​- Plenty of time to work on your dapp project, meet fellow developers, find team members for your idea, or join an existing team.

​- Advice and support from core contributors, plus a demo day at the end for post Hacker House support and resources

​A great venue with great WiFi, and workstations, plus food and swag.

​While Cosmos and/or CosmWasm experience would be ideal but each Hacker House is happy to welcome creative dapp developers and builders from all ecosystems. Please register early to no avoid missing out!


July 18, 2022
3 days


Val-de-Marne, France

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