BlueYard x EthCC — (On|Off) Chain

The web3 community continues to refine its understanding of self-sovereign systems. From the technical details of new age computation and storage to philosophical and ethical questions about transparency, privacy, and consent, the community is in the midst of an intense, healthy debate surrounding the benefits and repercussions of off-chain vs on-chain data.

Join a small, curated group of experts and curious thinkers in Paris on Wednesday, July 20th from 15:00 - 18:30 in an engaging set of sessions addressing these questions:

Decentralized computation, storage, and the cutting edge of smart contract system design. Where is the line between smart contract virtual machines and other decentralized computation and data storage systems?  What can and should run and be stored on-chain in the future?  How do we choose? Lightning talks and group discussion with Fission and Massa, and more.

Self-sovereign identity, reputation, credentials and consent - What does it mean to own your data?  What data should be on-chain vs off-chain?  What are the tradeoffs being made between transparency and consent? What technologies and frameworks should we use to enable ownership of our data and how we represent ourselves online? Lightning talks and group discussion with privacy researcher Anastasia Uglova, Disco, Violet Protocol, and Privy.

Demystifying ZKs and providing next steps for developers (reprogramming the brain). How does ZK technology require developers to rethink their approaches to system design? Group discussion with leading voices in ZK technology.

We hope to see you there.


July 20, 2022
3pm - 6:30pm


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