Who is it for?

Are you a web3 participant who wants to learn more about crypto carbon ecosystem, regenerative finance, incentives - specifically for distributed solar power and energy efficient use of it?

Are you a decentralized solar power enthusiast who wants to reimagine voluntary carbon markets, using programmable markets and incentive design mechanisms, participatory networks, and self-sovereignty?

What you can expect

You will learn about current developments of crypto protocols that aim to tackle the left-over problems of decades long, misaligned, global, environmental policymaking. One week before the workshop, participants will receive curated articles as well as background information on the invited impulse talks (tba):

  • 6 years of blockchain in the energy sector: quo vadis?
  • 20 years of carbon markets: what’s been blocking?
  • 2022 crypto carbon ecosystem: what is emerging?
  • Experience Design: made for participation?

In a collaborative setting we will make sense of this decentralized movement, our participation and purpose in it.

After a short break we will see you at the Value of Solar art exhibition party. The location will be revealed to participants of the workshop in the afternoon, as a token of appreciation.


July 18, 2022
3pm - 7pm / 8pm (exhibition)


Learning Planet Institute

8 bis Rue Charles V

75004 Paris


Other information