We're hosting a dinner to get to know the DeSci enthusiasts and innovators at EthCC Paris. Join us to chat about the DeSci landscape and brainstorm ways to support each other and collaborate 🤝


With massive amounts of data that could be used for collaborative research siloed into institutional networks behind never-ending red-tape, it’s no wonder the DeSci movement is on a mission to relieve some of these bottlenecks and prove their data’s lineage and quality with the power of blockchain technology.

As the founders of Weavechain, we're looking to support DeSci efforts with a solution for both public and private datasets, with immutable blockchain properties guaranteeing data lineage and advanced role-based permissioning to the table level guaranteeing security. Researchers can share and access secure and tamper-proof data instantly, without any need to download updates, since additions are reflected in real-time.


July 19, 2022
7pm - 10pm


Le Buisson Ardent | 25 Rue Jussieu, 75005 Paris

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