We have two tracks of workshops that we’ll be running on Wednesday, July 20th with members from both teams leading them:

1.Optimistic Governance: a series of small breakout groups on the future of The Optimism Collective. Conversation facilitated by the Optimism Foundation team in partnership with alisha.eth (ENS), Simona Pop (Gitcoin), & Abbey Titcomb (Radicle & OP Board member)!

   - Token House. Delegate management, voting processes, communication channels, compensation, and more.

   - Citizens House. Reputation and soulbound identity layers, Retroactive Public Goods Funding, checks & balances, and more.

2. Optimistic Scaling: breakout into technical deep dives covering the most impactful projects on our roadmap. Working on Geth or related infra and tooling? Interested in dipping your tows into developing for crypto? These are the sessions for you!

- @protolambda talks EIP-4844. An in depth review of the EIP, our recently deployed devnet, and a preview of what’s to come.

- @kelvinfichter talks Wen? The future is coming fast, and we’ve got answers to your questions about where Optimism’s headed.

- @norswap talks Cannon. Current and future state analysis of how fault proofs work on Optimism!

- @trianglesphere talks Bedrock. We’re building the next major version of Optimism. Let’s talk about it!


July 20, 2022
9am - 6:30pm


Secret location - TBA

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