Building on the Web3 or peer-to-peer tech stack? Interested in ideating on how to solve the tech challenges for moving from Web2 to Web3?

Let's gather to get an in-depth look into the latest research & tech insights from the decentralized and open source projects. You'll learn about the developments in web3 computing and storage, collaborative peer-to-peer stack, the decentralized infrastructure, and much more.

This evening is for developers and thought leaders interested in the Web3 tech stack and the challenges it faces today.

- What tech stack do developers need to build awesome Web3 applications?

- What does the tech stack look like today?

- What's missing for Web2 to migrate over?

Bring your questions. Join the conversation. Listen to thought leaders.

Talks from the founders and core dev teams of Fluence, Radicle, and more, Q&A, networking, drinks & tasty local snacks.

The capacity of the venue is limited, please, sign up only if you're planning to join.


July 20, 2022
5pm - 8pm


Cyclone le studio

16 Rue Vulpian, 75013 Paris


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