Privacy should be a choice to the extent that individuals should have the power to choose what they keep private and what they decide to share. Yet the systems and applications that are an integral part of our daily lives have not only blurred these lines, but exploited it, monetizing subjective human experiences non-consensually. As technology is more interwoven into our innate reality, the notion of privacy and self-sovereignty becomes unequivocally uncertain.

This event brings together Aleo & Anoma, examining the implications of privacy and how we can build systems that make this an intrinsic aspect of their construction. With the progression of zero-knowledge proofs combined with the development of flexible, expressive and privacy-centric programming languages, the applications and technologies we use everyday can preserve and cultivate our power to choose.

The program schedule will be announced closer to the date of the event. Check out our website for updates!


After Party

Following the event, all attendees are invited to join an after party presented by Maven11. When you come to the Aleo & Anoma event you'll receive a wristband and a voucher for cocktails for the after party.


Attendance Disclaimer

We are thrilled to host as many of you as possible! However, the space is limited. We ask all attendees to come on time. Food and drinks will be served for those that arrive early. We will be prioritizing those who show up at the door (even if they may be on the waitlist).


July 20, 2022


Pont Alexandre III, 75008 Paris

The Bridge @ Pont Alexandre III


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