When NFT games took off in the Philippines in 2020, it inspired a wave of Web3 innovation that has since transformed thousands of lives in emerging economies. This lineup of Fireside chats with Web3 industry pioneers will give you deeper insight into the impact of Web3 gaming in emerging markets, the current state of the space, its thriving community, and what we can further expect from founders that are building gamified Web3 projects to create a global impact through the Metaverse.

1) Web3 Gaming’s Impact on Emerging Markets

Panelists: Emfarsis, YGG, Liquid Meta, Proof of Learn

2) The Future of Web3 Games

Panelists: BreederDAO, YGG, Forbes GameFi, Blockchain Game Alliance

3) Beyond Gaming: Onboarding the Next Billion Users and Builders into the Metaverse

Panelists: XLD Finance, MetaverseGo, MetaCare, Biconomy

4) What do VCs Look for in Web3 Projects?

Panelists: a16z, Mechanism, IVC


July 19, 2022
1pm - 5pm


Ed3n House @ 4 Rue Laromiguiere, Paris, France

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