Over the years, The Violet Verse has nurtured a community of deep-thinkers and writers that inspire our socially-aware readership. We have been working hard to make the Web3 ecosystem more accessible and inclusive, documenting the spirit and personality of the community. We want to continue that work by hosting a salon in Paris where people of the verse can come together and learn from one another.

*In addition and most importantly, we will be interviewing creators and bear market builders to be featured on our new platform.*

We will also share a brief presentation about the future of media in Web3 w/ our Editorial Philosophy.

Hosted by Melissa, Dani and the Violet Verse Community.

About: The Violet Verse is a content marketplace and lifestyle token-gated platform for creators and by creators. Members can engage with our platform through consuming (articles, videos, audio, etc) and collecting NFTs, experiencing our VR space, or submitting content to be featured. The community consists of Web3 enthusiasts and newbies, with educational and cultural workshops and events.


July 21, 2022


Un lieu unique à deux pas du Canal Saint Martin.

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