The ZK circuit is a map that hackers can use to find other hackers at famous locations in Paris. Whether they are on vacation or here to work at ETHCC, we want to give everyone a good time. The ZK Circuit map gives hackers clues about hidden keys hidden around Paris, where they have a chance to claim up too $2000 in USD plus an Exclusive ETH CC NFT.

Registrants get access to food cards they they can claim at the 3 cafe locations we have on our map to go meet the findora team and learn about the hack.

Submissions are turned in on the 24th before midnight.

Hackers must hack:

• privacy in mind

• launch on findora test net or main net

• submit research as another option

• must be registered on Findora's official Event brite

Hacking is FREE, food and drinks at locations are FREE, and the hack will start the 19th too the 24th. Meet with Findora and their sponsors, “Yellow Submarine” starting the 19th until the 22nd, for the official launch party for Triple Masking.

Findora is celebrating its revolutionary achievement of launching Fully anonymous transfers on Ethereum Layer 1.

We are excited to meet and hack with you, while enjoying the city of love $$$


July 19, 2022
9am - July 24 midnight


Event brite locations have several area to meet at. July 19th we will be meeting at the Massion at 9am-12pm for in person registration.

Other information